Singapore Street Directory Map

Whether you are consider to invest, buy or rent a choice property, you are going to rely a lots on Singapore Street Maps to get you the exact property address, surrounding amenities and probably, the distance from the subject property to various landmarks such as MRT station, roads, schools or buildings for certain reasons. What’s the best Singapore Street Maps you really need ? Here is our picks :

OneMap is an integrated map system for government agencies to deliver location-based services and information. It is a multi-agency collaboration with many government agencies currently participating and contributing information. More agencies will be coming on-board soon.

This is the best Singapore Street Directory map you ever need. Any new residential property, commercial or industrial project to be launched shall first be updated into this map before it is launched! First hand formation such as transportation (bus and MRT stations), new road, new development or infrastructure can be found here faster than any of the Singapore Street Map. OneMap is best for Singapore Latest Launches orĀ Singapore New Launches Search.

Besides zooming, panning, magnifying, driving direction, distance measurement and other map search functions, it has one very unique feature that allow user to slide from current street map to land lot view which show the boundary of properties. This is very useful for property builder, owner, buyer or investor to check the actual shape and size of subject property. The only set back is its inability to show street view or satellite view like in Google map.

The very unique features of Google Map are street view, satellite view and linkage to Google Earth. The set back is the map is not frequently updated, hence when you locate a new launch property address and try to switch to its street view, chances are you are likely to see old building instead of new development site. This shortcoming however, give you the last glimpse on an old past before the new take place.

For property viewer of current project or any resale property (at least 2 years old), Google map provides unmatched feature to user compare to the rest of Street maps. Example, you can use it to see the top view of a landed house, and ‘drive’ around with your mouse to see its surrounding to determine if the subject property or the area interest you before having to go down to see just for yourself. Google map is best for Resale|Rental Search.

In summary, we recommend you use with to complement both unique features.

Other street directory maps you may like to use are,, and Like Google maps, you can’t find the latest project launches as soon as they are announced. Nevertheless, they all provide comprehensive and user-friendly features to enhance user experience, which is useful for normal location search.