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Here the property listings are mostly unique, meaning those units you find here are unlikely duplicated, this will speed up your property search quality in finding your choice unit.

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This Property Search offered by MLS Search provides comprehensive classifieds listings contributed by nationwide agencies’  subscribers and public postings captured by the provider. You can find some discreet listings here posted by agents or owner whom do not want to over expose their property which means some of them are value for money, rare or choice listings that may not be available from other properties classified sites such as ST property, iProperty or Property Guru. The property listings cover:

* HDB resale flats for Sale| Rental
* Private Apartment for Sale|Rent, Condo for Sale|rent, Cluster house|Townhouse for Sale|Rent
* Executive Condo for Sale|Rent
* Landed house for Sale|Rent, Bungalow house for Sale|Rent, Semi detached for Sale|Rent
* Terrace house for Sale|Rent, Inter|Corner Terrace for Sale|Rent
* HUDC resale flat for Sale|Rent,
* Commercial Industrial Properties for Sale|Rent, Office for Sale|Rent, Retail Shops for Sale|Rent
* Shophouse for Sale|Rent, Retail|Shop space for Sale|Rent, Factory for Sale|Rent, Warehouse for Sale|Rent

You can easily find your ideal property here, whether to buy, invest, or to lease within minutes of property search from above.

Here is the useful Property Searching Tips to guide you how to find your choice property more effectively under the MLS Search :

1) For a start, simply click [Search] first, you’ll see all listing available in all districts over the last 2 months. Example if you select Commercial / Industrial for Sale, and in the next screen, just leave all the fields blank and click [Search], you will all the Commercial / Industrial listing from all districts surface, the listings cover the default range of past 2 months.
2) Just briefly take note of how the Project and Street name being phrased. The MLS Search uses it own unique abbreviation code, e.g for Project field, next back to the search query again, you can now fine tune your property search, example enter the district number if you want to see what are properties currently on the market in the entire district, omit the district and specified your preferred Street name will show all listings along the street are currently available in the market.
3) Once you get more proficient, you can zoom straight to certain Project you want. Remember the abbreviation code apply (best is to your mouse copy the Project if it appear in step 2 above, and paste it into the search query so as to avoid typo error). You can also further set your criteria, by specifying other fields in the search query. Examples Tenure, No. of room, price and size in order to churn our quality listing according to your specific needs.
4) In case if you still can’t find any listing after doing all the right things mentioned above, try this last resort – increase the search periond range from default 2 months back to the maximum of 12 months back to see if any unit surface in the market over the last 12 months.


If you still can’t find any property to buy, invest or lease here by MLS Search, you may like to try the Property Search by Power Search  here..