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Singapore Property Market provides Property Search Engines below, that contain Singapore largest property listings  from newspapers, nationwide agencies to public postings cover resale and rental of all properties type. You can easily find ideal property by Power Search and by MLS  within minutes. 2 good reasons to search here is that you’ll surely find some value-for-money units posted DISCREETLY by owners or agents whom do not want to over-expose their properties, and matched listings are less duplicated. Hence, you won’t miss any good deal, rare or choice unit. Just forward your keen listings directly from search result page, we’ll serve your interests transparently. If you are only keen on new launches, just scroll to bottom and check latest launches comes with VIP Preview discounts. 4128

Find Property by Power Search

(Property Search Engine 1)

Still can’t find your choice property from above Power Search ? Here is the Searching Tips :
1) Leave the Project field blank, just select the Road name from its alphabetical drop down list  (don’t enter manually as it may not face any listing) to surface all projects along the Road. If nothing comes up, then -
2) Leave the Road fields blank, enter only the District (click here for District Guide) to net all Projects that falls under that District. Still nothing comes up, then -
3) Widen the Search Range o maximum of 4 weeks. This will net more older listings from default 2 weeks

If still nothing surface, try this MLS Search below  :
Here you can find quality listings in because they are mostly unique, much less duplicate compared to picture listing sites such as iProperty/PropertyGuru/Stproperty. You may able to find some listings here which are value for money, if not, rare and choice listing that you have been looking for. After you’ve done the Search query and click on the keen project, just submit with your contact via the form located under the Project Detail so that we can respond to your inquiry faster.


Find Property by MLS Search

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(Just choose 1 of the 10 Property Search below )

Commercial / Industrial For SaleCommercial / Industrial For Rent
Private Apartment For SalePrivate Apartment For Rent
Landed Property For SaleLanded Property For Rent
HUDC Apartment For SaleHUDC Apartment For Rent
HDB Flat For SaleHDB Flat For Rent

Still can’t find your choice property from above MLS Search ? Here is the Searching Tips :
1) Avoid entering any criteria(fields) first and click submit  - you’ll see all listings islandwide over the last 2 months (example Landed Property For Sale) . See carefully how the MLS abbreviate the Project names and Street Name. If you try to use own word for Project or Street Name which is not recognized by MLS’ abbreviation, you’ll see nothing and this is the main cause for not able to find listings. Now with the submit button you just click, you’ll  likely see overwhelmed listings in pages. Next narrow the search -
2) Choose the District from the drop down list. You should find keen Projects listed under the District. Again note how the Project Name and Street Name being phrased so that you can use them accurately later to fine-tune your search. If still no listing,  then -
3) Enter Street or Project Name – again be sure it is  recognized by MLS. If still nothing surface, then -
4) Widen the Search Period from default of 2 month to maximum 12 month for most listings.

If still not surface, try this Map Search below  :
It’s a visual approach where you can quickly search Property to buy or rent by simply position the Singapore Map to the area you want directly, or by Postal Code, MRT/LRT location, Community Centers and Schools (from Primary, Secondary to Junior College), which will direct you back to the map, where you can further zoom and pan to fit your map area. Once click [Get Listing by Map], you should see listings surface according to the map area. Just tick the keen listings, [Add to Cart], and send to us via [Cart Content] for quick respond.

These Property Search Engines above contain mainly all properties types available for sale and for lease in the secondary properties market covering the entire Singapore 28 districts. Property buyer, investor, relocating expatriate or tenant can easily find their ideal property from our huge resale, subsale and rental listings that are systematically categorized in the Search engines to facilitate for user friendly search. The resale and rental classifieds listings above generally can be found from the relevant keywords you use to search your ideal property :
 Landed Housing

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Strata Cluster House cluster house|housing for sale, cluster house|housing for rent, town house for sale, townhouse for rent, strata house for sale, strata house for rent, strata landed house for sale, strata landed house for rent, buy|invest|lease|rent cluster house|cluster housing|townhouse|strata house|strata landed house|strata cluster house|strata cluster housing.
Non- landed Private Residential private apartment for sale, private apartment for rent, condominium|condo for sale, condominium|condo for rent, walk up apartment for sale, walk up apartment for rent, executive condominium|condo|EC for sale, executive condominium|condo|EC for rent, buy|invest|lease|rent apartment|walk up apartment|condo|condominium|executive condo|EC|executive condominium.
Privatized HUDC Flat HUDC|HUDC resale flat for sale, HUDC flat for rent, HUDC maisonette for sale, HUDC maisonette for rent, HUDC apartment for sale, HUDC apartment for rent, buy|invest|lease|rent HUDC flat|apartment|maisonette.
HDB Resale Flar HDB resale flat for sale, HDB resale flat for rent, HDB for sale, HDB approved flat for rent, HDB for rent, HDB room for rent, buy HDB resale flat, buy|rent HDB 2|3|4|5 room flat, buy|rent HDB executive maisonette|apartment|jumbo flat, rent|lease HDB 2+1|3+1|4+1 room flat.
Commercial Industrial Properties  commercial|industrial property for sale, Commercial|industrial property for rent, retail shop for sale, retail shop for rent, shop space for sale, shop space for rent, shop house for sale, shop house for rent, restaurant|F&B space for sale, restaurant|F&B space for rent, office for sale, office for rent, warehouse for sale, warehouse for rent, factory space for sale, factory space for rent, land for sale, land for rent, buy|invest|rent|lease commercial industrial space|building, buy|invest|rent|lease retail shop|shop space|shop house|restaurant|F&B space, buy|invest|rent|lease office space|warehouse|factory space|land.